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    Lighten up children - I had no clue what it was either. Is it really necessary to diss each other? If someone else wants to be a jerk (or just expressing their opinion; you never can tell on a forum or in email), just let it go.

    Everybody is here to learn something.
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    So back to how to get the auto-typing on when you're texting? Mine doesn't do it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zorro1 View Post
    So back to how to get the auto-typing on when you're texting? Mine doesn't do it.
    Hmm.. I'm pretty sure there's no way to turn it off. So when you type 'i' and 'youre' you don't get 'I' and 'you're'?

    Make sure you're hitting the space bar after the word for the correction to take effect.

    You could try downloading an app called PowerDict and see if that auto-corrects the problem.
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    These tips atre useful. I've had a 650 since about 2004 and now a Centro, and learned new tricks in this thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shawnfb View Post
    also if you plug it into the wall with the included charger ...
    please people.... are you kidding me with these "tips" ...
    I usually appreciate sarcasm in any form or format. What you wrote is not necessary. If the information is beneath you, move to another topic. Why sprinkle your selfish egoism in an otherwise useful thread?

    Is what you have to say kind?
    Is what you have to say necessary?
    If it is necessary, find a kind way to say it.
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    Send a vcard file to my Centro via Bluetooth. No hotsync required. No Palm Desktop required. Just make sure your contacts application is open on your Centro.

    Works with my iMac (MacOS 10.5.x) and vzw Centro.
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    I don't see this app mentioned at all. It may be unique to the carrier, Sprint in my case.

    Using it, you can view and edit your online test message picture warehouse with this app. Start the app on the Centro, it defaults to "On Device", change that to "Online", I get "Connection to Picture Mail Server" for a few seconds, and then all pics I've ever attached to a text message are displayed.

    When attaching a pic to a message, ever get the error message "a folder with that name already exists", or "folder already contains a file with this name"?

    Use this app to see what's going no. I had a situation where I had a folder named "Pics on SD Card 1" on my Centro, and a second folder named "Pics on SD Card 2" also on the Centro. But online the folder names get truncated, so I get to "Pics on SD Car", and if I ever tried to attach any pic from "Pics on SD Card 2", or "Pics on SD Card 3", etc, it would error out with no clear explanation (exceot above message). Until I poked around using this app, I couldn't figure out the problem was.

    Other useful trick with this: You can delete pics you've already "sent" in text messages, and you can copy back to your device pics you've sent in the past but may have removed from your device.
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    I still love my centro, and love this thread. I hope people keep updating it as it goes, and not everybody forgets the little centro now that the "Pre" is out.
    I just wanted to say how much I LOVE keyCaps just sayin'....
    No need to get snarky though....
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    Quote Originally Posted by GFONG View Post
    Sorry for not checking whether it was posted.

    You can select multiple emails by hold down OPTION + down (center navigation button).
    thats a good one!
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    this should be stickied to the treo 700p forum as well. these all work on my 700p as well
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