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    Hey guys, i just signed up but have had a 680 for a while. I just wanted to know what cool stuff can i add to my treo? Also is there a list of statistic formulas that we can add to our 680? or we can only keep the ones that we have? thanks guys...
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    I haven't seen any statistics formulas.
    I'm still looking for a good Converter program for units, Metric, acceleration, speed, distance, flow, etc.
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    I have not tried either of these, but here are two statistic programs:

    Statistical Tables for Palm


    Advanced Statistical Tables
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    The advanced mode of "Calc" has some statistics and conversions, but probably not everything you need.

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    Unit-2-Unit Converter ( is a terrific little app, with a great-looking UI.
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    You can also try YAUC (Yet Another Unit Converter) by Marius Milner. "Ability to convert between 585 units in 40 conversion types." And it's free

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