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    I've never had this problem until I got my 755p, when I click on the hotsync button it makes a *beep* but won't even attempt to sync. The hotsync application is running and I've never had this before. Any suggestions?

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    Uninstall and reinstall the Palm Desktop
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    is there any way other than reinstalling palm desktop?
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    make sure that none of the ports have changed.
    try a soft reset on the treo.
    unplug the usb cable and try again.
    exit the hotsync mananger and restart it again.

    These have all worked for me in the past. They are not in progression just separate things you can try.
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    The reinstall is really not a big deal. The setup program has an option to "Repair". I still ended up removing and reinstaling though. Worked fine ever since.

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