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    700P Verizon Data Connection Problems since the new "Treo700p_-1.10-VZW". This is what I have found with playing. All can be repeated.

    1) If I turn off phone radio then turn back on I can browse the web all day long, I can send MMS messages, I can check my email, etc. All relating to the "data" portion of the Verizon service. No Problems. But.........

    2) As soon as I make a call (use the "voice" portion of the Verizon service) and then try to do one of the following above mentioned I get all kinds of ERRORs depending on the specific program I'm in/trying to use. No matter what.... error, error, error, bla, bla.

    3) I can turn the phone radio of then back on and all works fine "data" wise until I make another call.

    4) Note, you don't have to do a soft reset or take the battery out to get it to begin working again, just turn the phone radio off then back on.


    Some other tid bits of info....

    1) It appears to not matter what city I am in. The problem is the same as discribed above. Confirmed cities are: Atlanta-GA, Savannah-GA, Memphis-TN, Columbia-SC, Bristal-TN.

    2) It appears to ALWAYS happen on the "EDVO" network as the "EV" is always showing on the phone screen. Have not been able to try in an area with out the EV, aka the 1x area.

    This PROBLEM of course is a MAJOR pain in the rear. I have called Verizon tech support about the problem multiple times. Eash time they said they had no "record" of me calling about the problem documented in their computer (up until the new phone was sent out, explained later). Somebody is not updating the customer issues as they are called in. The first tech said it was my software causing the problem and to do a hard reset and don't load the problem software back on (even though I already told him I did all that). The next tech said it was a currpted "network" file and to do the hard reset and reinstall and all would be fine (even though I already told him I did all that) and said to trust him, do it again, he see this all the time. The next tech said the phone was bad and Verizon FedEx'd me a new phone (the next day - which was nice service). The new phone did the samething right out of the box as described above. The last tech said they need to "re-provisioned" my phone and said that would fix the problem. So she did something on her end then told me to "program my phone" doing the *228, option 1. All to no avail. Still does it. No correction to the problem.

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    I had a very similar experience with my previous phone. Every time a made/receive a phone call, the data conection would have problems ranging from innability to connect up to Error 3000.

    Anyhow, perhaps the following steps will help you understand what's going on:

    - Your phone has the latest MR right? Have you tried running it without ANY apps installed? I'd recommend doing a hard reset (after backing up your data of course) and give it a spin. If the phone in its software-free form gives you headaches, it is your HW that is defective and you will require a new unit from Verizon. Note that you don't have to run for days without your apps installed, just a few hours would suffice and if the problem is inherent to the phone (and not to 3rd party apps) they will show rather immediately.

    - If the previous test shows that the phone is trouble-free when you don't have any apps installed, then try re-installing them one by one and repeat the tests. Pay close attention to apps that use/handle the radio in any way, examples may be Versamail, Buttler, etc.

    That's all I can think of. Perhaps none of this is groundbreaking solution but it will get you somewhere. In my case, I found out it was the phone itself and after two exchange rounds with Verizon I got a somewhat stable phone. The one I now have s not 100% free of headaches but at least the data network is reliable.
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    Yes, I can make the problems repeat with no software on it after a hard reset. Same problem clean or loaded.
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    Then there's no question about it, you have a bad HW. I feel your frustration as I had experienced it at least with 2 devices already

    Last phone I got from Verizon has not presented any problems in terms of connectivity issues. I got the phone by the end of October, the phone itself had a small sticker indicating it had been refurbished 10/07. How long has it been since Verizon sent you the last replacement?

    If you still have problems with the phone, contact Palm directly and escalate the issue with tech support. I have heard others comment that from time to time Palm actually helps you if you have these type of problems.
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    I just recieved a warranty replacement phone from Verizon that I activated yesterday. I have recieved the same message twice while trying to send a picture message.

    I did an NVbackup on the old phone and immediately restored it to the new phone to transfer my data.

    All other features seem to be ok (aside from the pre-worn out keypad).
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    After another hour and a half on the phone with VZW tech support and with them adding Palm tech support on line they are sending me another replacement phone (even though this one is not a week old). So that will make three phones.

    Funny thing. Palm said it was VZW's network and VZW said it was the phone.

    Well maybe third time is a charm.
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    My Best recommendation on this is keep trying to get a replacement phone from VZW. I went through 4 phones before I gave up and this was during the initial ERROR 3000 days when the 700p-1.10 Firmware was released. Some phones worked better than others. The data issue always existed post 1.10 FW. Or you can attempt to locate a 1.06 FW based phone out there somewhere in ebay-land or craigslist.
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    Well....! FINALLY....! I received my third (3rd) repalcement phone and ALL works fine now. All I can say is amazing.

    This new phone had a weird sticker on the back above the battery cover. Maybe a refirbishment? But it looks brand new (like the other replacements). This one just had that sticker.

    All problems I mentioned in the above posts are now GONE.

    I'm back to loving my Treo 700P.
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    Is the sticker by any chance round, either blue or greeen with a date written on it? If so, this could be a new way to determine if you have a good phone or not, meaning that phones with said sticker are from a new batch that can handle the _1.10 MR unlike the previous phones you and me had that, even though we upgraded them they still didn't work.

    Anyway, if true this could lead others to expect that sticker as a somewhat secure proof that their replacement units will work.
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    Nope. About a 1/4 inch high. One inch long. Silver. Small Bar code. And a number above bar code that reads PM1-08012007 which reads like a date (8/1/2007...?). The sticker is on the back of the phone to the right of the speaker just above the button depress to remove the battery cover.
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