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    I have always found Bluetooth DUN to be a bit fickle unless I turn the Bluetooth OFF and then back ON on the Treo before I attempt to connect. If I do turn Bluetooth OFF then ON, it connects on the first try most of the time. Sometimes it helps to turn Bluetooth on the computer (I use a Mac) OFF then back ON as well. I have found this to be true whether I'm using USBModem or the Bluetooth DUN hack.
    I sometimes have to do that - but only on the Treo side - I know when I have to turn it off via this little exercise if I don't succeed in connecting the first time.

    I go to my Versamail and try to "get" my email, if it gives me an error with no connect, thats when I need to turn my BlueTooth off than on again. I haven't tried the BlueTooth connection that often as I just got it working, but I'll have to say only 5% of the time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MouseGlider View Post
    Make sure that your com port (whatever you set up) is the same on your PC and BlueTooth software - otherwise you will never get it to work.
    Thank you for your help, I am using a mac and I am not sure how to set this up. any help would be appreciate it. thanks.

    Treo 755p.
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    Can't help you with a Mac - others may be able to help you - the only thing I can say is the software that is on your Mac (mine is BlueSoleil) that starts the BlueTooth, it is "that" com port that must match your Mac's internal DUN com port.

    Or at least that is how it is done on a PC
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    thank you, I got it working, I wasn't trying to get it to work with bluetooth, I just needed to work. I got it, thanks all for your help and input.

    Treo 755p.
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    Question...If I am using USB Modem with the USB cord, do I still need the tether hack, or does the actual USB Modem program take care of cloaking the fact that one is tethering? I tried to look it up but I couldn't find a specific answer to that.

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    USB Modem takes care of that - but IMHO I believe any provider could tell if they really wanted to or if the data rates were high enough for them to be consider abusive
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    Thanks for the reply
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