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    Let me start this by saying, I dropped my phone yesterday and the problem has been since then. So the fall (or sudden stop when it hit the floor) is most likely the reason for the problem.

    I have set my phone so that you have to enter a password to use the phone (lots of client info on phone). When I start up the phone, either from inserting battery or press the "alt" button (which restarts it), the phone goes through it's start up splashes(Display is fine during this part of it's use, I can see all the Palm logos), then it gives me a quick (about 3 seconds) glimpse of the login screen. Not enough time to type in my password. The screen goes blank, and if I proceed to type my password, the actual letters show up rather than the ****'s. Even after I type in my password, I thought I might be able to press the "hidden" button, and that did not happen. So now I am stuck, is this a resetable thing, or a repair by technician thing? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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    If it is not hardware related a hard reset should fix it. (Of course you will need a backup of your data to restore from afterwards.)

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