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  • Yes, I use PDANet and I'm pleased with it.

    8 29.63%
  • Yes, I use PDANet but I'm not pleased with it.

    1 3.70%
  • Yes, I use PDANet but I want to try USBModem

    2 7.41%
  • Yes, I use USBModem and I'm pleased with it.

    9 33.33%
  • Yes, I use USBModem but I'm not pleased with it.

    0 0%
  • Yes, I use USBModem, but I want to try PDANet

    0 0%
  • Only trial user, haven't decided which to buy.

    5 18.52%
  • Other, please explain.

    2 7.41%
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    Just curious as to which program you are using with the Centro and how it's going.

    If you indicate you are not happy with either, please state why: (too slow, dropped connections, wouldn't work, etc.)

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    I'm using both. Well I transfered my PdaNet license to my wifes Centro and I just purchased USB Modem for mine. Both work fine. I did have some bluetooth issues with my computer and PdaNet but that could be my computer. I have been using PdaNet for years on the 650, 755. I needed another copy so I decided to try USB Modem. I read people here were getting faster connections and it was less expensive. PdaNet is a little easier to setup and even use but I can't tell the difference when connected in my area (non evdo).
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    So jazzed to find about USBModem; I've a couple of Mac notebooks and they worked flawlessly via Bluetooth, and with the iBook connected via USB sync cable no problems at all. PDANet was a no-go for me, as it does not support Mac.
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    I use both.

    USB Modem is, by my tests, much faster than PDANet. But that also comes at the cost of stability. If I'm downloading a large file(s) or a lot of data, the throughput seems to conk out the connection. (Incidentally, this happened on my 700wx too but with PDANet, ironically.)

    So PDANet is good for a stable connection though at slower speeds. USBModem is good for just plan surfing and light data.

    But that's my experience. Maybe something is quirky on my laptop.

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    Do I need to uninstall the used trial version and reinstall a clean version before purchasing the upgrade to full version? I've been a few days out of the trial, and would think I'd have to reinstall a fresh version.

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