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    The is very frustrating. I have been using my new gps for the last two weeks without a problem. Yesterday I am driving down the freeway and suddenly TomTom stops working, no satellites nothing. From then on I have been unable to get my gps to work! I have rebooted my Sprint 700p, deleted then added back the Freedom and paired without a problem. The freedom seems to be working and like I said it pairs up with the Bluetooth without a problem. TomTom starts up and just continues to look for a valid GPS signal without success.

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
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    The problem might be with your GPS, not with TomTom. I had a similar problem a couple of weeks ago when my SPECTEC gave up the ghost. There is a test program for the Palm OS that's made by Leadtek for their GPS receivers but works with any receiver with a standard NMEA interface. You can find the program here.

    It helped me isolate the problem to the SPECTEC and not to my Treo or TomTom.

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