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    I know this has been posted before but I just could not beleive how rediculiously slow the mail is with Verimail. The Centro is a speedy little device, untill you check mail. I'm not a power user but more a light user, mostly address book, emails, and a few appointments here and there.

    But the biggest complaint of all is the email is so darn slow that I have resorted to just loading my Gmail and Yahoo account as bookmarks in Blazer, loads a lot faster. I tried Snappermail and can't see spending $50, I need SSL for Yahoo, for it. I really hope Palm comes up with an update/patch to address this issue.
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    Versamail has been unstable for quite some time, but who knows, the tide could change.

    I would not bet on it though.
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    agreed. versamail on my 755p was much faster.
    on the othre hand, blazer on centro is much faster.

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