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    Okay, so part of this post is just me gloating, but it was such as nice development, I had to share.

    I've used the heck out of my 700p and really wanted an iPhone, but couldn't justify spending the money on it until my 700p truly died. (And, for the most part, my 700p is doing just fine.)

    Taking the elevator up to my girlfriend's apartment, the elevator door almost closed but I decided to be nice and hold it open for this guy. He had a Verizon bag with a new phone.

    "New phone, huh?" I inquired.

    "Yeah, sweet deal. Eight dollars, my company paid the rest."

    "Nice! Too bad they wouldn't do that for an iPhone or something!"

    "Yeah, I just had to switch my number over from my iPhone. Barely used it." Pause. "You wanna buy it for, say, $100? I'm not gonna be able to use it. I don't need two cell phones and my company requires Verizon."

    Um, no brainer. I walked up to his apartment, saw the iPhone -- perfect condition, barely used. Paid the money and I'm a proud new owner. For $100.
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    Nice story, I like it.

    BUT, have you found the qwerty keyboard yet?

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    Good reason to leave. But give the iphone time. At almost 30 days, it quickly got old.
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    Goodbye and Good Luck!
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    FWIW that's a good strory and I wish you the best.

    How are things on AT&T?
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    Pretty good. It is definitely a different phone than the Treo. I miss the SplashData programs and third-party programs in general (a temporary omission from the iPhone, as I understand). The typing does take some getting used to. But the way that attachments render, the wi-fi, the iPod function -- I think it's probably a good switch for me. That said, I wouldn't say that the iPhone actually is hands-down better than the Treo. Just different, better in some ways and worse in others. IMHO.
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    I hope is not an "hot" item, but being it Cingular, it doesn't matter.
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    I think you'll find that ATT's "exclusive-for-iPhone" plans make the price you paid for your iPhone (whether $1 or $1000) seem rather insignificant in the long term.

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