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    I have a very bizarre problem with my 680, synching with Outlook 2003 (XP2003).

    Everything worked fine for several months. Suddenly I realized that contacts and appointments do not synch anymore.
    What happens is this: I set contacts to synch, push the hotsync button, everything runs fine, no error message, memos and tasks synch, but contacts just do not synch. No entry in the log, the hotsync manager just ignores my settings.

    But appointments was even weirder: the synch is set to "no action", as soon as I change it to do anything else (sync in one or the other direction or both ways), the hotsync manager immediately crashes with the message "problem detected, must be terminated. Please report this problem to Microsoft". I DID NOT EVEN START SYNCHING!

    Palm Support told me to reinstall the hotsync software, which I did, but the problem still persists. Actually what I did was this:
    - reinstalled software, it did not crash anymore but still did not synch
    - uninstalled and reinstalled: now it crashed when I changed both appointments and contacts setting
    - uninstalled and reinstalled: now it crashes only when I change contacts

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    I as many others use Chapura software. it is is easily downloaded and works well.
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    If it says report to Microsoft, then it is a Microsoft problem.

    Are you using any application like CardExport II, this must be turned off to sync.
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    Hi guys
    Thank you for your feedback. I finally performed a hard reset on my Treo, deleted the profile and re-synched, now everything is OK again.

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