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    Hey guys,

    I just got my Centro, upgraded from a 650, and I love it so far... I have a few things I need to get used to like the smaller keypad, the slight lag while typing or changing apps and the shorter (but still good) battery life... But I have one problem that is driving me crazy: my data connection.

    I can hardly ever do anything that requires a data connection because it nearly always times out give me a message like "the page download could not be completed. Please try again later," some message with an error number or a message telling me there is no connection to connect to. I was very excited to upgrade to the quick 3G network but I am lucky if I get any connection never mind a 3G connection... For example I tried to DL the sprint mail app for gmail, I tried over 10 times to dl the 1.79MB app... I would get to 500k, 700k and then it would lose connection and not be able to completed...

    I live in Atlanta and have tried the connection while out and about, at home and really anywhere I could just to see if its the location but I have never gotten a good long connection... I am not sure if phone signal strength indicates how strong the data signal is but I nearly always have a good voice signal unlike my data... I don;t think I have ever seen the blue arrows showing the 3G connection for more than a second or two...

    I am just very disappointed with this, but I guess I need to ask is this a problem with other people, esp with sprint in ATL.
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    i'm in indiana and my net doesn't even work yet. apparently sprint has lost sight of the fact that they are PHONE COMPANY...somewhere along the line they stopped making phones that work and just kept tryin to get people to upgrade their package. all they have for employees are people that try to sell you stuff....
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    Sorry to bump this but does anyone else get spotty at best data connection... I even find just checking a picture mail can take several attempts, I never had this problem with my 650. I guess I'm trying to figure out if this was more a centro or sprint problem, or do I have a faulty phone.

    I really need to call spirnt about it but have been so slammed I have not had the time yet.
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    I live around atlanta (stone mtn to be exact) and work out there in alpharetta and my signal is fine.

    I do get the drops when im at home every now and then but thats when im in my room which is in the back of the house surrounded by the large trees.

    So I dont know whats up with yours but mine works fine. Maybe it needs a hard reset?
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    I have no problems with data connection. You said you upgraded from a 650. Did you transfer everything from the 650 to your new Centro?

    If so, you transfered some files from the 650 that the Centro can't use. Like your old Blazer Cookies file.

    When I upgraded from the 650 to the Centro, I only transfered my PIM data: Calendar, Contacts, Memos and Tasks. All other stuff was selectively added.

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    True about upgrading from the 650. If you just transferred your files it could be causing the problem. Do not transfer the saved pref, connection files, net files, etc. I am in Atlanta and get great speeds.
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    thanks guys... when I did my first sync I transfered everything over... is there a way that I can go and remove/replace the items that could be causing the issue? Or is there a step by step to do a hardreset and sync for the first time without the unwanted files?

    One thing though, I have a picture as my wallpaper, the picture if very dear to my heart and I must do everything to save it or at least transfer it over from the 650... Or if anyone know how to save the file which is being used as the wallpaper I'd love to know that too... The image was on my SD card which went bad but the wallpaper remained.

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