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    finally got the centro today love it i was actully alittle overwellemed at all the features

    text mess took me a little to figure out but i like the set up

    is there any free software i should be getting to personalize enhance or anything any one can tell me also is there a way to change the text message alert
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    It's about time you got one. It's almost a month since I got mine. It ain't going back.

    Look at this thread for apps that work on the Centro.


    Go thru the threads in the Centro forum for some good info from the members here.

    Everything I used on my 650 and 700p work, except for PhoneDisconnect. The apps I use get updated when the developers get them ready.

    I have a mix of free stuff and a lot of shareware stuff.

    The Samsung WEP 500 BT headset is schweet with the Centro.

    Also SanDisk micro cards work without issues on my Centro.

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    Sweeeeet Good luck with it. get keycaps 600 and hilighter. both free apps. download from

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    Good luck with the Centro. Love mine. Butler is a great program to use with the Centro especially to control the LED.

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