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    Hey Folks,

    LJP RC9 has been quietly posted on the LJP forum .


    This version allows any key on the centro to be mapped to the emulator.

    I was wondering, what do you all have as your favorite key mapping, particularly for the good ol' SNES?
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    Hey thanks for informing me of this...I was just wishing today that I could remap any button combo.....I will give it a shot and play around alittle and let you know what i come up with.....What you using so far??
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    Well I've been trying to mimic the layout of the original SNES controllers.

    I have the directional pad pointing up down left right.

    The X key on SNES is the O key on Centro. The Y key maps to U on the centro. A maps to delete. B maps to K on the centro.

    But the layout is still a bit awkard. I'm looking for something better.

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