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    Hi folks,

    Wondering whether I'll replace my Treo 650 with a Centro. After reading all the favorable reviews and comments, I figure first step is to check one out in person, hold it in my hand. But where to do that? The Sprint kiosks in the malls don't seem to have them.

    I'm stuck with At&T/Cingular for business reasons, so I wouldn't consider a switch until an AT&T Centro comes out which is many months away. So I'm not in a big hurry to play with one. But it would be neat to start checking it out.

    Any thoughts about whether the next AT&T/Cingular model will be a Centro or a more advanced Treo?

    -- Josh
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    On my Centro, I would use Google Maps. Simply press MENU & B to lookup a business. Then type your: ( sprint city state initials).

    After map shows up, use space bar to sequence thru locations found. When you find what you like, "select it" and tap "CALL" to see if the have it for a demo.

    Its that easy. What city state is near you. one of use can look it up for you.
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    Or you could go to Sprint's site and use "Find a Store" at the top of the page, then type in your zip code to come up with a list of stores. Make some calls to see if they have it in stock.
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    If you can find a real Sprint store they will have a fully functional one, you could probably call Japan, check your stocks or something. When I went online I tried to find one after trying two local stores. One store said that the phone is too expensive for them to just keep in stock. I think the Sprint site should be clearer as to where the real Sprint store is, most likely one with the repair center or something, but you should check first.
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    All big Sprint stores have them. You just have to ask for them.
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    I had to go to a few different ones before i found one that had a Centro on display i could tinker with. I upgraded from a 650 as well and all i can say is go for it.

    They won't be on ATT until early next year though. I think sprint has a 3 month exclusive or something like that. Then ATT should be able to get them.

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