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    every time i hit the end button on my centro, the screen shows "Connect to Internet" would you like to connect now. then you have to press yes or no. why does this screen keep popping up???? the phone is sitting on my desk, so i know i am not accidentally hitting any buttons. yet every time i pick up the phone off the desk, it is back to that screen. is anyone else having this problem and if so, how do i get rid of the problem??? any help would be much appreciated.
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    no need to make 2 separate threads within an hour of each other asking the same thing.
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    A reset would get rid of the problem. I had the same problem. You may find earlier post.
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    Your Sprint Mobile Email is probably set to PUSH emails to you, or you have it set to get emails at interval times. It used to do that to me, too until I disabled it.
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    My guess is it's a data application on your phone that's doing an auto-update. User installed apps aside, out of the box the centro has OnDemand and Email that are likely suspects. The IM client as well if you have that setup. Basically go through every app in your centro that does data and turn off auto-updates or background operation until you find the one that's causing the problem. That app or apps may need a version update.

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