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    Well I use the search here all the time, it is below Last Page, above the newest post. There were a couple of good threads I recall on apps that work and those that don't. I think I found the one on apps that work, now on page 5. I was thinking how it would be good to get a sticky, if possible of the apps that are known to work, if they're free or the cost and a link to it or place to find it. I think there are people like me who are either new to Treos or don't have 3rd party apps, even the apps at Palm that are useful would be good to list too. I imagine if something isn't on the list that people would search for it and see if its listed as an app that isn't working right now on another post. There are several posts that mention apps but don't always mention where to find them or if they're free. Help!
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    I second that!
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    I third!

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