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    I've got Chatter 3.0.9 which i believe is the version that was updated to run on the Centro right?

    I've noticed two problems with it. First, it vibrates when new mail comes in even though in notificatinos i have it set to vibrate only if the ringer is off. And further oddness is that it vibs 3 pulses but in the mailbox configs i have it set to only vib 2 pulses ?

    The other thing I've noticed is that the LED doesn't blink when new mail comes in. My 650 used to blink the LED, on the Centro, the light just comes on and stays solid. Not a big deal.

    The last thing I've noticed is that I have 2 mailboxes. So in the top center, i can click and see a list of them the number of read/unread messages. But my 650 used to give me a little blue envelope icon if there was new email there. The Centro does not.

    Does Chatter have a bug report contact location? I went to and it just goes to .

    None of these are big deals but they're just little things i've noticed. Given the battery is really small in the centro, the vibe when it's not necessary is the most concerning since it drains the battery.
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    Everything you have stated is happening on my 755p since I upgraded my phone. I miss those old settings.
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    How have you found the Centro battery to hold up using Chatteremail push for the day?
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    Have you tried the ChatterEmail forum?

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