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    In the many years of being a Palm user, and having good customer service with most 3rd party companies, Snapper Mail's support is FANTASTIC!

    I was having problems getting the program to work with my settings on the Centro and they patiently sent me numerous emails and support to help me get it to working, not once, but twice within the last few of days. (Sometimes when you change settings or add a program, it can disrupt other programs on the unit).

    BTW: my Snapper registration is over a year old!

    Keep up the great work Snapper, and thanks again!
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    Anytime I had problems with Snapper the support was A+ . They always respond same day and spend as much time with me on my issues. They also have a group at Yahoo that you can use for support.
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    Multiple e-mails yesterday with Jennifer and Michael. Always fast, thoughtful and very helpful.

    Snapper is the way to go.

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