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    Hey all- have searched, but have not found the thread.

    I bought a new laptop & need to switch to it. I have several programs that are also on pc's desktop (Bonsai, DayNotez, Docs to go)

    I use Palm desktop on a windows xp machine.

    Do I just:
    1 install palm software & follow instructions & have the treo overwrite desktop?

    2 then install other programs & sync with treo overwriting desktop?

    Thanks - ideas welcome.
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    On your old PC right click on tray Hotsync Manager icon and click Custom. Jot down all your conduit applications.

    Install Palm Desktop on the new laptop from your Treo install disk (if Vista running on new laptop, you may want to install the 6.2 beta version of Palm Desktop, downloadable from Palm's support.

    Then install on the laptop all your desktop Palm software that has hotsync conduits.

    Backup your Treo 700p using Resco Backup, BackupMan, BackupBuddy, or NVBackup (free). If hotsync messes anything up, you can restore.

    Perform hotsync. Enter exact same hotsync user name as you've been using! First hotsync will take a while as it will backup (copy) everything in RAM to the PC \Palm\username\Backup folder. You should then be good to go.
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    Thank you for the reply. Sorry it took so long to thank you..been on the road a lot. Just now getting ready to try the install.
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    Question - Once I've loaded Palm...when I load other programs such as DayNotez or Bonsai...won't they load a prc file in Quick Install?

    If so - won't it try to re-install that program on my treo?

    I'm assuming I should load palm on the new PC....load these other programs...then set my Hot Sync via the Custom Settings so that TREO Overwrites PC and then do the sync. Is that correct?

    I just DREAD doing anything to screw it it is working really well and I've been through HOURS/DAYS of Pure *ell before with the treo.

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    Any body able to clarify?

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