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    Any recommendations or shared experiences are appreciated......
    I have this problem on all calls both incoming and outgoing on my 2 week old 755. The phone worked 100% fine for 1 1/2 weeks then....boink no sound. My speaker phone icon is gone as well when making calls. It actually shows up for 1-2 seconds when making a call then vanishes. Meanwhile the earpiece is dead silent and I cannot get the speaker phone activated. I can only use the phone with the plug in earphones.
    I've soft rebooted with and w/o the plug in earphones attached and no change. My only installed app is "Good" email installed.

    Any ideas are appreciated.

    I found out this is the known Earphone jack problem that controls the earpiece on the phone. The phone thinks the earphone is plugged in and does not send audio to the earpiece. Time to return to Sprint.
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    this has happened to me and a few others I is possible that something is stuck inside ur earpiece connector and the phone still thinks the headset is plugged in.what I did was take a can of air and blow it in the ear piece connector and try to dislodge whatever is causing this to happen.good luck!
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    Treos are notorious for that, it used to happen to me on my 650 and my 700 , pretty much its the audio jack is very sensitive on the Treo, and sometimes it stays stuck inside even after you pull the plug out it thinks that plug is still inserted, the way i would fix it, was just keep pluggin the jack in and pulling it out, and sometimes gently giggle it a bit, that should work, dont manhandle the plug tho, because you will end up ripping it out of the mainboard of the phone.

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