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    Did you try what worked for French and me? That might get better results assuming everything else on the phone and your account is correct and working.
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    Quote Originally Posted by binder View Post
    i'm still not working after another 2 hours on the phone.

    all the people said the same "oh, this is an easy fix" then they would transfer me after they tried for 15-20 minutes and couldn't get it working.

    ok, i have my MSL and all that, i went in and manually entered my vision name and password, same that's on my old Q and worked fine. it's not working still. i keep trying, resetting phone, blah blah blah. i have done all of that probably a few hundred times this week and nothing. i'm getting sick of this. it seems like sprint should pick up a new line of work because they obviously can't figure out phones...even though they have millions of them.
    I basically was doing the same thing (phone calls, etc.) and I wish I could tell you what the rep did differently this morning...but I knew the data had taken because as soon as I went out of the ##581324# menu my phone immediately wanted to provision.

    All I can say is maybe call back yet again and explain that resetting your device hasn't worked. Also, I don't know if this helped or not in my case, but I did a hard reset and didn't load my backup until after my phone provisioned. So I had my phone as factory as it could be when the provision finally took. I then loaded my back up after that and it's still working fine.
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    i have tried everything in this thread. today sprint gave up and just gave me a new phone. they did an ESN swap and gave me a new centro (this one the screen isn't bonus) but low and behold, my data STILL doesn't work. They tried multiple times on it and did everything. They uninstalled vision and reinstalled it. The person on the phone with the girl took down my name and work number and said she would call me in 4 hours (this was 2pm) and see if my phone was working. If it wasn't by then she said she was going to have a supervisor take a look at it or something else. I guess she wanted to call back personally because she spent so much time on it today and she knows what all has been done on it so far.

    anyways, i'm getting fed up. if they don't get it working tonight then i'm doing an ESN swap back to my motoQ and then when my contract is up i'm switching services. I've never had this many problems with a phone company. This just adds to my problem of not having service for 3 months this summer and nobody being able to figure it out. They ended up canceling my account and i had to get a new number (after having my number for 7 years) and starting a whole new account with sprint because they said my account was "unfixable". This is horrible. I wonder if ATT has problems with getting data to work.....
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    got it working. tonight finally a tech named brandon took my plan off my account, then he reinstalled my plan to my account and it worked fine.

    anyone else having troubles might tell them to do that. remove your plan completely then put hte plan back on your account.
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    yes!! i'm glad someone was finally able to help you out and get it working good job brandon!
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    Quote Originally Posted by kevhead View Post
    yes!! i'm glad someone was finally able to help you out and get it working good job brandon!
    yes, he was very helpful and actually knew his stuff. he said that happens sometimes. something about a number conflicting with the phone and he had to remove the plan from my account and reinstall it to refresh the numbers.
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