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    I am still having some problems with my treo and would love to get things running smoothly as they had been for so long.

    The probs I'm dealing with are detailed here in this thread:,55596.0.html

    I am thinking about uninstalling the HotSync software doing a hard reset and starting completely fresh as if I just purchased the treo.

    My question is, if i want to start completely fresh but still have everything backed up so I can selectively install certain programs individually as well as text and call database... can i just back up my entire user name folder that is within the "C:\Program Files\Palm\LP-tre"? will that be the safest way? are there any other files that i will need to back up from elsewhere in order to proceed safely?

    Many thanks in advance... i don't want to lose anything crucial.
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    Does the question need clarifying?
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    i've tried a hard reset... no luck... but i'm not sure if i'm doing it right because its putting all my old files back on
    A hard reset should not put all the old files back. What method are you using?

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