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    I receive email from on a state server. I have that forwarded to and have the chattermail client set up. Works like a charm, never had an issues.

    However, I was just told that our state server will be dropping the 'forward' option on the account and is changing everything over to a microsoft outlook express client.

    What will be my options.

    Go easy on me, I am very 'server/email/it' dumb.
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    Well, you have two. First, you could inquire with the IT folks whether they support using IMAP clients with their email systems. If they do then you can simply add your "state" email box into Chatter with settings appropriate for the systems there -- which IT should be able to give you.

    Second, you could get the EX add-on for Chatter which allows you to connect natively to the Exchange environment. Again, you will need to verify with IT that they allow DirectPush or ActiveSync connections from the Internet; and there are other technical issues you could experience with your carrier's data network that could affect this. Check the Chattermail EX docs for details. You might also want to take a peek at

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