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    OK, I'm stumped.

    I downloaded OTA, from, onto a Sprint Treo 600 1.20, build 1045. When I press START, it pops up the message, "Good Messaging is not supported for this type of handheld. Contact your IT administrator."

    Has Good done something to the OTA download? It's not an issue of my server, because the process doesn't even get that far. Anyone else seen this behaviour? I have 2 600's belly up because of this.


    Treo 700P (& GoodLink Administrator)
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    Strange, it should work.

    I see this though... (new) 1045 High Certified on this device and network.This is the last version of client software for this device. End of device support 3/31/08.
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    Strange, it should work.
    And it did on one of them. The user let the battery run down, of course, that wipes the device. My tech walked the user through the download and then we hit this message right after press START. Existing 600's work fine.

    Makes me think someone at Good tweaked the OTA Setup file since I cannot even get to the point of the device communicating with my Good server.

    Treo 700P (& GoodLink Administrator)
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    Anyone remember that OTASetup could not be installed OTA on some device? It had to be installed via hotsync. (Rings a bell with me, just can't remember) Going to try that now.
    Treo 700P (& GoodLink Administrator)
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    Well, that was painful.

    Went back and found 4.9.3 SD Card Installer package. Hard reset and OTA from the card worked.

    Another 6 hours of my life, I'll never get back. And to think I was daydreaming about the dark side (BB)...
    Treo 700P (& GoodLink Administrator)
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    We ran into this as well. I am pretty sure Good changed the OTA installer to do a version 5.0 check on your hardware even though you know to install 4.9.

    I had a similar problem back in August and support admitted they had the put an updated installer on the site and sent me an older .prc file to get around that.

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