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    I installed OperaMini 4 and the Java IBM Websphere yesterday. phone was working fine.

    this morning i went to open up Blazer and it reset my phone. Then i tried to go from the phone app to my launcher (launcher x) and it says that it cant find a compatible skin. Phone continues reset when i try to open contacts, email, calendar. I do a warm reset and my phone stops crashing, but i have lost all the registration info for ALL my programs and settings for all my programs.

    Any ideas on why this happened?

    for some reason core player was still registered and so was agendus.
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    You lost your saved and/or unsaved preferences file, probably due to dbcache handling.

    You can find a recent (enough) copy of "Saved_Preferences.PRC" in your desktop's \Palm(one)\(your user name)\Backup" folder, and can hotsync it back.

    If you have a program that backs up to flash card like BackupMan, etc you can also restore the "Unsaved_Preferences.prc" file, otherwise you may have a few programs that will remain unregistered and other odd things that you need to manually fix.

    That LauncherX issue is a pain, I've encountered it a few times myself. Can't recall if it's the saved or unsaved prefs that contain the info it needs, but since I backup to flash card I can restore both preference files as well as and/all LauncherX files - one of them fixes it. You can restore the "LauncherX_Database.PDB" from your backup folder which often fixes LauncherX's odd issues that crop up.
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    Thanks for the Info.

    the sad part is that my toshiba 4 gb sdhc just died on me last week, sent it in for RMA, (back to the retailer, not the manufacturer - thats another story) so my nightly NVBackup could not be restored.

    as far as a hotsync restore. i unfortunately have never hotsynced my devices.

    anyhow, thanks for that info. i still dont understand the palm filesystem.

    guess im more worried why it happened and hopefully it wont happen again.

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