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    whnever I try to use the built in docs to go, I get an error message "Application Missing: The application to open that type of document could not be found." This happens with both trying to open a new file or open existing from the card. I have DTG 10 registered from my 650 but did not do anything with that. I did aclean install when I got the Centro, renaming the backup folder and only syncing PIM data. Am I missing something obvious?
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    This happeded to me yesterday when I installed DOC ver 9.0 Premium because I wanted to use the spell check function on the premium version. After talking to the folks at Dataviz, they confirmed to me that any previous version to the DOC version 10.0 in RAM would not work.
    So Dataviz provided me a free upgrade to 10.001 Premium, and it's been working fine since then.
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    Maybe I should try installing my premium version over the stock version

    EDIT: I did this tonite (installed my premium edition) and it seems to be working fine now. Although I did notice I took a hit in the available memory, which really is not that big of a deal. I've got all the 3rd party programs installed that I had on my 650, and on my 650 I was always nervous about space. With the centro it's no big deal! (puts on happy face)
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