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    I have finally done something I thought I would never do - go to a Windows Mobile device (ATT Tilt), and leaving the Palm OS. I am a longtime Verizon customer and I had been waiting for the MR which didn't do much for me once it finally came out, I have been waiting for the 755p - which is always right around the corner, and finally for the Palm centro to maybe come to Verizon, but there is absolutely no indication that that will occur in the near future.

    One of my family members has a Centro, and I really do like it, but it only took me 2-3 minutes of use before I elicited a spontaneous reboot while using the web browser. That was the final straw for me.

    I have never been a fan of Windows Mobile, but I am looking forward to trying a device that has BT 2.0 (including voidedialing over BT), WiFi built in, high speed data, and at least an OS that gets frequent updates (even if they are mostly cosmetic).

    I realize that Palm may not be to blame for Verizon's Palm OS PDA phone offerings, but Palm is very much to blame for the antiquated OS, miserable customer support, completely absent software development and overall poor performance.

    I am not the first to make this leap on this forum, and I am (unfortunately) sure I am not the last.

    Goodluck to those of you who continue to endure white screens, spontaneous reboots, unresponsive devices, erratic data connections and random DTMF tones. Hopefully I will fare better on the darkside.

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    Keep in mind Voyager that verizon gets later this month. Looks pretty nice.

    I'm stuck on sprint and verizon has weak coverage here. If i was on verizon, i'd be waiting til end of month to check that voyager out..

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