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    I was just reinstalling the Opera Mini 4 beta when I got a message onscreen that 4 final is out. You can either upgrade on device or at

    For my phone, it was necessary to delete the beta before installing the new version. Sync your bookmarks to Opera Link so you don't lose them.

    (A sidenote: I traced a problem with Opera Mini beta to the old Colorize that was on my Centro.)
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    I was getting the impression that Opera Mini 4 final is less stable than the beta? Is this not the case? And I realize this doesn't make too much sense...
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    It's much more stable on my 700p than the beta's.
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    I tried it on the Centro. Here are my thoughts:
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    Still favor PixelBrowser over any browser on PDA..
    To bad they dropped it.. It would have been a top seller..
    Works on my T3 but not on Treo's ;-(

    Cool just to experience what potential it had...

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    Way before it's time..
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