I have added about 100 new contacts to the Palm desktop. I went to hot sync and everything goes perfect no hot sync erro in the log, but I notice it did not sync Contacts at all, so it adds none of the new contacts to the Treo from the palm desktop. I checked the Log like I said and it list calander task etc, but no Contacts. It is like it skips the Contacts all together. There is no error in the log either

I check under custom on the hot sync icon and pulled up my options, but contacts are not list as a hotsync option, how did that happen? I have task Calendar, task etc to choose but no Contacts. So since the contacts are not even listed now as a option, what do I do to get them Back? I must have done something to screw this up? Any help to fix this problem and help me be able to sync my new contacts on the desk top to my Treo would be greatly appreaciated?