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    I have a work email
    and I don't know how to add it.
    I know it's from
    But I don't know how to set it up on versamail.
    I also have chatter How would I set it up on both???
    the email is:

    I preferably want it on Chatter, but if not...
    then I'll take it on versamail
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    If your work allows the POP3 access, try the following. This is how I connect and use my work email address . . . . . . . . . .

    VersaMail Account Set UP:

    First Page:
    Account Name: MY Work account (whatever you want to call it)
    Mail Service: Other
    Protocol: POP

    Second Screen:
    Username: the stuff before the @ in you work email addy
    Password: xxxxxxx (for your work email addy)

    Third Page:
    Email Address:
    Incoming Mail Server:

    4th Page
    click advanced

    5th Page
    Port Number: 110
    no box checks

    6th Screen
    Port Number: 25
    Check use authentication (ESMTP)
    Username: sprint email name (prior to the @)
    Password: sprint password

    See if this works.
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    BTW, if you are like me . . .your only use for the Sprint email account will be for this purpose for Outgoing on VersaMail. Well, when the sprint email account goes "unused" for 3 months or so. . . the password suspends and you wonder why your VersaMail outgoing has stopped working. . . .

    So, once a month, send an email to your sprint email addy and reply out of it. . . . .to keep that from happening. . .otherwise you have to call Sprint Customer Service and have them reset it. . . .
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    Can you find out if Exchange, or IMAP is supported? They work much better in Versamail than POP.
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    It's a POP account.
    I tried it on Versamail, and had no luck.
    How about on chatter mail???

    I found this on there website (GoDaddy)
    IDK if this can help.

    thanks everyone for their replies!!!
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    Do you have this address working from home on a PC through Outlook?

    Checkout the properties of that setup . . . it may give you clues as to what to use in the VersaMail set up.

    Or check the properties of the account, while at work.
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    if it doesn't work on versamail its not going to magically work on chatter.. most likely you have either the wrong servers added or you have the wrong username/password. Check those settings and versamail should work with no problems.
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    thanks everyone. got it !!!!!
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    I have tried multiple ways to try and set up my email account with VersaMail on my Palm Treo 755. Can someone please help me who is familiar with 1and1 and VersaMail or reccommend another product I can use to retrieve my mail off of 1and1.

    I was able to set up my AOL account, that was simple. Irronically I also can't seem to set up my SpintPCS email account either.

    Thank you.

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    what about chatter mail?
    can anyone help me set that up with my work e-mail
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    I have another question about work email.

    I have mine set up via versamail and am using Outlook at work.

    When I download my emails using versamail it doesn't just download my new emails like it does for Yahoo email. It downloads every email in my New and Deleted Items queue in Outlook. Any way to get it to only download unread mail????

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