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    Had a whole bunch of problems with my old 700p and just got bumped up to a 755p as a warrantee replacement. Few questions I was hoping someone could help me with.

    Does a modem hack exist for the 755p (allows you to use the phones data on a computer w/o paying for data connect plan)? If so, does anyone know where its posted / where I can get it?

    Any fix for the random tone when the phone is set to silent (problem on 700p, have heard similar issue on 755p)?

    Any program / way to get Hotmail to sync with a mail client, so that I don't have to go to the browser?

    Looking for recommendations for the following programs:
    IM client (AIM specifically)
    Spell checker
    File browser (preferably free)
    App to shut off keyboard light

    Thanks in advance to everyone.
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    Yes the tethered hack still works fine on the the 755p.

    IM client I would recommend mundu 4
    file browser resco explorer its not free but the best thats out.

    And as of right now there is no fix for the tone that sounds while in silent mode.
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    The 755p does come with an IM program. Take a look at it and see if it fills your needs before spending money on another IM client

    Personally, I like Causerie. You can get it for $10 cheaper than on Mantra's website if you buy it from

    Mundu made my 755p reset a lot, and it doesn't have the background feature I like (use sms instead of data), but it -is- cheaper and is a one time fee.

    As far as an alarm, why not just use an appointment and check the alarm box to have it play an alarm?

    File browser - FileZ free as always:

    Turn off Keyboard lights: KBLightsOff
    (< $6)
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    Thanks for the replies. Anyone have a link to the tether hack?

    Also, hows VersaMail on the 755? I know the on the 700 it was kind of a problem, producing slow downs, etc. I've been using SnapperMail since, but I've started to hear some decent things about VersaMail. Anything on a Hotmail client too?
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