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    i have the kinoma that the centro came with so do i have to pay any extra to view youtube videos and such?
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    You have to upgrade to the full version. You can get it for a lower price by following the steps on this website -
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    how much is the discount>?
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    Quote Originally Posted by famousdrummer82 View Post
    how much is the discount>?
    The discount price is $14.95. $10 off regular price.

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    I don't think that's true. I went in the browser to and clicked on a video just to try it out and it launched Kinoma and played the video. I haven't tinkered too much with it but from what i've seen, it looks like youtube works out of the box to me.
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    there is a stripped down kinoma without paying the extra 15 bucks, but go ahead and upgrade. Hard to describe how cool the full version is: you have to see it.
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    With the version already on the phone you can stream videos, but with the full version you can search youtube, download podcasts and other things. I wasn't too happy at first when I paid for the upgrade, but there are some perks to it that now I'm not so unhappy. I like being able to search the regular youtube sight for videos. If you go into Blazer and then YouTube it will only take you to the mobile version which has far less of a library.

    So there are some gains for paying for the full version.
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    youtube is a tiny part of what you get. thousands of radio stations, tv stations, videos and podcasts from all over the world, all broken down by category. an unbelievable bargain for 15 bucks. funny thing, I am in a town without evdo, but almost all the stuff works.
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    Anybody having any luck using the "Prefer download to streaming" option when watching Youtube videos? I'm not, am I doing something wrong?


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