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    Can anyone provide me with the unlock code for the Treo 600 on the at&t system? I just bought the phone used and it won't accept my sim card.
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    Try contacting AT&T or whichever company the Treo is locked to... unlock codes are usually specific to the device's IMEI or serial number.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tomandjim View Post
    <quote deleted - spammer - just report it for us next time >
    seems legit. /s
    Go call up AT&T.

    Upon examining this website:

    It's stylized palmOne, just a minor detail.


    Instructions are cookie-cutter...

    1. Remove Palm One Treo 600 battery, unplug cable,
    - The 600's battery is non-removable due to the use of volatile RAM for data storage.

    You can buy the unique unlock code for your Palm One Treo 600 mobile phone using the form above.
    - this seems suspicious IMHO

    I don't know about you, but this looks a bit shady. Also coming from a person with only one post.
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