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    ok, so i just got this. this phone is way different than my Q. i put some songs on my main memory and i can see them in ptunes, but i want to delete them or move them over to my storage card now and i can't figure out how to do that.

    is there not a file manager on this phone that i can see the files on my SD card or my main memory? i have songs on my SD card also, and again i can view them in ptunes, but i want to be able to actually see them on the card, like just open up a folder of my SD card and look at them and move stuff around. I can choose under applications the SD card but it only shows my minitunes or whatever it is that adjusts my mp3s. it doesn't show regular files, only application files.
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    Click on "My Centro" and download "Palm Files" (its under "extras") for free. Or go to and get a free 3rd party file manager "FileZ". Both are excellent and many choose to have both on their system.
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    awsome. i'll do that as soon as sprint gets my vision working. for some reason they can't get vision to work so they are sending me a new phone because they think it's a phone issue. no problems with my Q and i switch to this and haven't had vision even after multiple master reboots and whatever sprint did to it for the 5 hours they had it.
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    Yes, PalmOS is "way different" than WM. There is no hierarchical filesystem. Files are generally bound to applications in a way much closer than generic modern OSs (Windows, DOS, Unix, etc). Of course there are pros and cons to this architecture. One pro is that PalmOS is very space efficient, typically using half or less of the memory that WM needs for the same functions. Also response time to start and switch between apps is very fast on PalmOS compared with WM (and its stupid colored pie). Indeed memory and process mgmt is perhaps the weak part of WM for mobile applications.

    The Filez Palm app is very good and free.
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    ya, i've noticed how much faster this is than my Q. I swear my Q had something wrong with it because there is no way a phone could be that slow. i could dial a number completely before any numbers would even pop up on the screen.

    anyways, i'll try that file app. any words of advice to get sprint provisioning to work so i can use the web? sprint had my phone for 5 hours and couldn't get it working. worked fine on my Q.
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    As already suggested, do the My Centro and download Palm Files. That will let you manage files on your microSD card. I haven't found a way to make that let you manage files on the internal memory though. For that i use the built in file manager in zLauncher by zztechs.

    Or check out PalmInsider Pro, it's a really advanced stand-alone file management tool
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    thanks, i'll check them out.

    looking for as much freeware as possible. not really wanting to drop cash in applications when i really don't need them, just would like them.
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    FileZ (which can be downloaded from does both the SD card and the internal memory. Tested it on the Centro, it runs stable as a tank.
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    thanks, got it!

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