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    So I've just ordered a Centro, and I need to know what to install to get the most out of it. Currently, I'm looking at using:

    - Opera Mini latest beta
    - Treolauncher (seems like it offers everything I want in terms of customizability, and zlauncher looks really complicated; is this good?)
    - Little John for playing NES/etc roms.
    - TCPMP (I think I heard that this was the best media player for PalmOS, is that true?)

    What else should I use? Or what should I use that's better than the stuff in that list? Help me out!
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    TCPMP is awesome although I am yet to try it on the Centro.
    Opera Mini is out of beta now but Palm's JVM kinda sucks so prepare for resets.
    LJP was pretty great on my TX

    What else you need:
    PalmFiction - the best freeware bookreader out there.
    Handzipper lite - free unzipper for downloaded apps (helps alot when installing programs OTA)
    NVBackup - nice backup option (free)
    FileZ (or Files) - excellent file managers
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    I have used several launcher in the past since my 650 day. I bought Initiate and used it for a few years and it was pretty good.

    I have been trying out Ultimate Phone and so far it is great. Launchers are personal. I don't want my to act like a PC. Ultimate Phone is pretty simple, has a best looking interface IMHO, yet it has almost everything I need in a launcher. You can do more with others, but I think you end up with more complexity.

    One thing I really like about Ultimate Phone is its quick web search implementation. The GUI is first rate.
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    Don't forget "Colorize" to personalize and change those boring default colors.

    "Today" is another awesome and free program!
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    Actually, are there any good free launchers?

    Edit: Wow, UltimatePhone looks amazing. The only complaint I keep seeing is that it uses some crappy SMS client, but can you just have it use the built-in one that comes with the Centro?
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    Why use a launcher with the centro? You can dedicate sticky keys to your apps using the speed buttons in the phone app. They work in all the apps.

    It is very inexpensive to upgrade to a full version of kinoma. There is a trick to get the secret upgrade that involves a soft reset. Details are on the kinoma site. Amazing app.

    Finally, get a 6gb micro sd card. Although the phone specs say 4gb max, the sandisk 6gb, which comes with an adapter and card reader, works fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dunlop212 View Post
    Why use a launcher with the centro?
    Purely for aesthetic reasons.

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