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    Just rec'd a Red Centro in the mail today from Sprint and first thing I noticed is a much smaller AC charger. I would guess about half the volume. Dimensions below are for new/old chargers:

    Width 1.468" / 1.118"
    Length 2.288 / 2.710
    Depth 1.488 to 0.966 / 1.778

    Depth is stick out from wall dimension. Note the new unit is not retangular, but odd shaped and somewhat rounded.

    Input 0.15 A / 0.2 A
    Both Outputs 5.2 V @ 1.0 A
    Model P005WA05YY /

    Smaller size will be much better for travel.

    Anyone have any issues with this new charger as I have to return the old charger soon?
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    Which treo charger are you comparing it to?

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    Comparing to the chargers that came with our 2 black Centros we rec'd a couple of weeks ago.
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    My charger for my red one is identical to the one I had with the black Centro.

    That's really weird!
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    Actually I've gotten several Palm products in the past and they always come with different charges. Ive owned 3 TXs and all of them came with different charges (1 small, one big, and one international with different plug adapters). I would not be too surprised at the chargers, I think Palm sends whatever they have in stock at the time.
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    I was wondering this too! when I got my black one in the mail it came with a huge charger. then I got my red one at the store and it came with one identical to the 755's charger. also on the bigger charger the charging light seemed brighter and wouldn't even dim when not in use.

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