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    Version 4.0.5 11/6/07

    * Feature: Allow user to prevent Pocket Tunes from handling specific media types by default (#4097)
    * Enhancement: Faster startup time
    * Enhancement: Improved MTP transfer speed with some SD cards (#4108)
    * Enhancement: Run installer on Palm automatically when needed (#4126)
    * Enhancement: When a WMA file contains an "Album Artist" tag use it as the Artist (#4007)
    * Enhancement: Allow operation when UDMH is active (#4114)
    * Enhancement: Allow for proper downgrades from future versions (#4092)
    * Enhancement: No longer need to install pnoJpegLib, which was conflicting with other applications on the device
    * Bug fix: Sharing Internet radio stations by beaming did not work on some devices (#4143)
    * Bug fix: Force WMP to detect changes in capability after Deluxe upgrade (#4128)
    * Bug fix: Properly handle genres that start with a digit (#3940)
    * Bug fix: Certain M4A files did not play (#4141)
    * Bug fix: Certain corrupted WMA files caused a crash (#4111)
    * Bug fix: Prevent possible crash on Manage Playlists form (#4139)
    * Bug fix: Improve error message when Pocket Tunes can't load (#4079)
    * Bug fix: Fix problem extracting tags from some .m4a files (#4059)
    * Bug fix: Fix improper handling of exchange manager requests in Basic and Bundle modes (#4069)
    * Bug fix: Properly handle more requests to open playlists via exchange manager (#4016)
    * Bug fix: Improve error handling after failing to connect to an internet radio station (#4027)
    * Bug fix: Avoid some warnings after installation on Vista (#4057)
    * Bug fix: Allow opening of AAC files via Exchange Manager (#3925, #4268)
    * Bug fix: Fix crash on some devices when turning off phone while streaming (#4046)
    * Bug fix: Fix redraw problem with sliders on old devices (#4058)
    * Bug fix: Fix hang when disconnecting during file transfer (#4148, #4202)
    * Bug fix: Fix crash when opening files from Files application (#4552)
    * Bug fix: Fix crash when streaming a station with too high of a bitrate (#4475)
    * Bug fix: Fix crash with pics & video app on some phones (#4441)
    * Bug fix: pTunes was not resuming after a phone call in some cases (#4300)
    * Bug fix: Fix Device Unrecognized error on Vista (#4317)
    * Bug fix: Fix rare skipping due to crossfade when turning off screen (#4270)
    * Bug fix: Fix debug assertion when pressing keys while viewing album art (#4265)
    * Bug fix: Fix case where screen could stay on indefinitely when music is not playing on Treo 680 and later devices (#4266)
    * Bug fix: Fix WMA files showing up with 0:00 duration (#2243)
    * Bug fix: Fix potential interference with network connection in other apps (#3751)
    * Bug fix: Fix improper display of non-square album art (#3872, #4239)
    * Bug fix: Fix "i18n error" that could occur on Song Info scren for certain WMA files (#4246)
    * Bug fix: Be sure pTunes is registered to handle audio files even if launched via an API call (#4231, #4232)
    * Bug fix: Fix uncommon memory leak when crossfade turned on (#4215)
    * Bug fix: Greatly improve seeking and position indication for low samplerate files (#4209, #4223)
    * Bug fix: Fix crash playing uncommon format of AAC file (#4213)
    * Bug fix: Ensure screen doesn't turn off when scanning for songs (#4212)
    * Bug fix: Ignore key up events leaked from 3rd-party popup apps (#4205)
    * Bug fix: Greatly improve responsiveness of device and error reporting when trying to find a playable track in a large playlist of tracks that can't be played (#4204)
    * Bug fix: Fixed crash with empty playlist in playlists screen and on some skins (#4139, #4214)
    * Bug fix: Fix decoding of certain AAC files that never finished playing (#4211)
    * Bug fix: Fix rare redraw problem and potential crash when transfering files (#4194)
    * Bug fix: Fix problem when sublaunchable picker is used via the API before running pTunes once (#4197)
    * Bug fix: Fix crash on exit on some devices (Tungsten E) (#4178, #4193)
    * Bug fix: Fix crash pressing Home button while in a 2nd-layer dialog on Internet Radio screen (#4181)
    * Bug fix: Fix uncommon 80004005 error transfering DRM tracks from Napster (#4162)
    * Bug fix: Sometimes pTunes did not respond to the first button press after starting up (#4158)
    * Bug fix: Fix reading ID3 tags on AAC files not contained in an MP4 container. Also improve seeking, bitrate, and song duration for these files (#4124)
    * Bug fix: Fixed crash that could occur after doing a ROM update while pTunes 4.X is installed. (#4003)
    * Bug fix: Fixed a number of cases where Pocket Tunes would retain an alarm or ringtone program's audio file instead of the audio file you were playing most recently (#1687)
    * Bug fix: Fixed incorrect positioning on low-res skin (#3918)
    * Bug fix: Ensure device does not stay on after failing to connect to Internet radio stream using Pocket Tunes Basic (#4585)
    * Bug fix: Ensure Pocket Tunes closes sockets properly when using Basic (#4069)
    * Bug fix: Some WMA files were not displaying album art (#4083)
    * Bug fix: Correctly interpret metadata on 3gp aac files (#4180)
    * Bug fix: Fixed redraw problem with skins that show album art when the song does not have album art available (#4049)
    * Bug fix: Remove Sony CLIE question during installer (#3913)
    * Bug fix: Ensure that screen does not turn off when scanning through a song (#4159)
    * Bug fix: Fixed drawing problem with very small (< 2x2) and very large album art (#4060)
    * Bug fix: Removed reference to T3 from readme.txt and installation files (#3937)
    * Bug fix: Fixed redraw problem switching between album art of different aspect ratios (#3592)
    * Bug fix: After about 6 failed tries to connect to Internet radio, stop trying to connect and allow the device to go to sleep (#4390)
    * Bug fix: Deleting a playlist from WMP11 was not always deleting the contents when requested (#4316)
    * Bug fix: Removed unnecessary info about "new hardware wizard" from installer (#4118)
    * Bug fix: Fixed reset using Save/Save and Play from WiFile (#4025)
    * Bug fix: Improve error message when trying to connect to Internet radio using Pocket Tunes Basic (#3813)
    * Localization: Improve translation of "skin" in Chinese (#4560)
    * Localization: Various Italian translation fixes (#4291, #4290, #4292)
    * Localization: Various German and Portuguese fixes (#4293, #4294, #4295)
    * Localization: Various Spanish translation fixes (#4254, #4255)
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    Tks for the heads-up twitch3.
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    Wow-Major Fixes !!!

    interested to see how this one plays out
    Bug fix: Fix Device Unrecognized error on Vista (#4317)
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    I tried to upgrade on my Centro and it caused a reset loop. Tried again and it reset looped again. anyone with a Centro have success with this upgrade??

    Update : I cant get it out of the reset loop even restoring from a backup.
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    How do I get the bug fixes if I only have the bundled 4.03?
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    Damn that's a long list. Is anyone else thinking the 700p skipping problem with ptunes really wasn't palms fault now...

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    Quote Originally Posted by json View Post
    Damn that's a long list. Is anyone else thinking the 700p skipping problem with ptunes really wasn't palms fault now...


    From my experience, a skipping problem is mainly due to 3 things... 1. the memory card is bad, 2. The Network hangs up (esp true for CDMA phones), 3. a background 3rd party app...

    So i think Palm is not to blame... and i may be wrong
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    Quick question - Can you install pTunes ONLY on the card? It is taking up a bunch of space on my 650 on the phone. I have version 4.0.2.

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    If I remember right, storing it on a card will work if you're only playing local content. I don't think it will work for streaming.

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