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    I am on my 2nd centro (first shut off, and refused to turn back on!).
    Anyways, I had a couple of questions of some programs.

    1. If my system ever freezes, is there any way to reset it without taking the battery out, this scares me but it seems like the only way.

    2. What is the best browser, or can I just install some sort of Java "midlet" thing to make web pages show up smoother. Some webpages just show up completley garbled in the stock Palm OS browser. Try eBay. Stuff is all over the place. I know that there is mobile websites, but I prefer the real deal, and dont mind waiting for the page to load.

    3. What email client should I use. The stock one has been serving me ok, but some messages I get "out of memory" errors.

    Thanks for your insight. The size of the phone makes it a great smartphone choice. Im coming from an Apache, so I am pretty happy overall. Thanks

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    1. Nope, taking the battery out seems to be the only way. The battery cover is easier to remove after a few times.

    2. Well, you could try Opera Mini or the Opera Mini Beta ( Although I like it, it's not reliable. If the sites you want are showing up properly, you could try going to one of these sites first and then let them render the problem website for your phone:

    I've had pretty good luck getting websites to work that way.
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    what the heck is wrong with opera, when ever I try to go to a web page either it closes out or my centro restarts. Anyone know anything about this?
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    for email, try chattermail or snappermail

    as far as "out of memory" issues, could you expand on that a bit?
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