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    I am being sent to China for one year on company biz. Does anyone know if the Treo 700p will work with China Mobile or any of the carriers over there?
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    My parents were just in China for the last two weeks. My father has a 700w on verizon (i have the 700p). The phone works great on the mainland and costs like .69 a minute for roaming. However, the phone did not work on hong kong as they use the GSM standard.
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    Did the 700w work for data, or just voice?

    I recently traveled for three weeks in Beijing and Shanghai. I bought a refurbished Treo 650 from treocentral and when I got to Beijing I put in a SIM card from this company:

    I also arranged for data services through them (it has to be purchased on a per-month basis). The good news is that china-mobile-phones gave me wonderful customer service and the SIM card worked immediately in my 650 for receiving emails, surfing the web with Blazer, and making voice calls, with no configuration needed on my part.

    The bad news is that SENDING email did not work well. The settings were all apparently fine, but SMTP worked only erratically. I managed to send maybe one or two emails per day. The other times, I could connect to the SMTP server and it would authenticate properly, but the process usually just hung right in the middle of the transmission. Occasionally, it worked instantly as it should have, so I believe that I had the phone set up properly.

    China-mobile-phones was unable to help me and said that China Mobile (the network) did not offer its own SMTP server.

    What I ended up doing was using Blazer and webmail to send all my email messages. This was cumbersome and slow, but it usually worked.

    I think the bottom line is that either there was an incompatibility with the SMTP handshake protocol and my Treo, or the China Mobile GPRS network is simply not adequate. I don't know the answer. I think that there are a lot of wireless internet devices that Chinese citizens can purchase, but it's not so straightforward for foreigners. As I understand it, there is no 3G data network that has yet been deployed in China, although the government has finally approved its own version of CDMA not compatible with the CDMA network here.

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    Thanks for the feedback I will check this out when I get there.
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    I used my Sprint 700P in China (Chengdu, Shanghai, Beijing and Qingdao) - but no data or SMS was possible. Voice only and even that was costing me $2.69 per minute
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    You can change the ESN to China Mobile and use it like that. I helped someone like that in the past (Unicom I think). That way no "lame" roaming charges. but need a new/temporary phone number.
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    Would that work for data? And would you have to sign up for a plan with China Mobile?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr.Grace View Post
    Would that work for data? And would you have to sign up for a plan with China Mobile?
    Yes you have to sign up with China Mobile and get a China phone #.
    I don't know if China Mobile/Unicom lets you use foreign ESN, if so then just add your USA CDMA phone, and clone Treo on top of that. Also you need China Mobile PRL...!, I don't know if it uses 800mhz or 1900mhz. Please do more research before commiting. I have not find that guy anymore (who is using China mobile) on the mobile files forum yet anymore.

    As to Data, 1X would work(you need to disable Mobile IP, and know the NAI and passowrd), but not EVDO yet after the cloning (still researching it)
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    It still sounds rather difficult for non-Chinese residents. I don't even know if it's possible for a non-Chinese citizen/resident to get a CDMA data plan through China Mobile or Unicom.

    Here in the States, Verizon won't let you use a Sprint CDMA phone, and vice-versa. Would China Mobile really let you use a foreign ESN? Seems doubtful, but who knows? Anyway, as the Chinese 3G network does not use a system compatible with other countries' CDMA and is not deployed yet anyway, there's no point in having a CDMA phone for data. GPRS is the only way until they launch their own network, and then you'd have to get a Chinese device.

    I suspect it's easier to set things up if you're going to be in China for an extended period of time and have some business contacts that are willing to arrange a pda phone for you. But for someone just traveling there for a few weeks, it's difficult. is the best source I've found so far.

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