I started using the 650 with my new Toyota Prius a week ago and have at least one really annoying issue.

When the phone connects to the car, it wakes up the phone and unlocks the keyboard so if the phone is pressing against the case it will immediately dial a semi-random phone number, or launch some application, or just start making a loud bong-bong-bong noise. Just what you want when you start backing out of a parking space :P

In addition (or possibly as a result) I keep finding the battery low/drained. Yesterday morning on waking up I found the led blinking red "no service" and the battery nearly dead. This morning (after recharging it yesterday) it was completely dead. I've never had a problem with the battery doing this or service coverage at home like this before, so I'm suspicious of it being related to the bluetooth issue.

Anyone have suggestions (other than maybe a different case that won't press on the buttons ever)?