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    Newbie here. Sorry if this has been discussed before in this forum as I am new to the forum and just got my Treo 680 yesterday. I did a search on the forum but could not find anything similiar to my problem.

    I paired the Treo 680 to my car bluetooth ('07 Nissan Altima) with no problems, the two devices recognize each other and the strength is good. When I make a call through the car system, sometimes I hear horrible static in which you can not make out anything that is said or sometimes I don't hear any noise but the phone call has been contacted (jump over to the Treo and I can hear and speak with the person). I unpaired the devices and repaired them but I get the same problem.

    Any suggestions? Thanks for any help.

    Update: I tried to connect the Treo 680 to my wife's Lexus and after some haggling, the phone connection worked fine. So probably there is something wrong with my Nissan bluetooth, although my wife's cell phone works fine when connected to the Nissan. Any suggestions?
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