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    I've had my 680 for a couple months now, and starting a few weeks ago I've started having trouble with incoming calls. I have it set right now to vibrate and then ring when I receive a call, but what I'm noticing is sometimes it will:

    -work like normal
    -give a short vibration (1/10 of a second) and then do nothing
    -not vibrate and just ring
    -just display the caller's name with the "answer/ignore" buttons but not vibrate or ring.

    The software I've installed (aside from a few games) are epocrates (medical formulary), card export (for transferring stuff to the SD card), phone technician, and Music tones (both for Mp3 ringtones). I'm not actually using phone technician as it doesn't allow you to assign different Mp3 ringtones. All of this software has been on the Treo since maybe the second week I had it, and the problems didn't start until recently. I've done several soft resets (no hard resets) and nothing's changed. Obviously this is a variable problem so it's hard to trace down without just starting from scratch with the palm and going one apppication at a time to see if they cause problems.

    Anyone have any thoughts, or has this happened to anyone else?
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    This is what I would do. Use a program like RescoExplorer or RescoBackup and do a full super backup of your phone.

    Then Hard Reset the phone. let it sit there for an hour or two, make calls, etc. and see if it still does it. If it does, then you know for sure it is the software that you installed. If that is the case, install things one at time until you find the problem program (I know this sucks).

    If after the hard reset you still have problems, then you know it is the phone. Go back to cingular trade it in for the 1 year palm warranty and then use the rescobackup restore program and reinstall everything.

    Good luck.
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    Any links on where I could find those programs? I figured I would have to do this, but it just sucks. <sigh>
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    Or you can use NVBackup (free) which is available here and backs up to SD Card.

    Used on both my TX & 680 with no issues.
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    I think I've figured out this problem. I did go through and reset and reinstall everything and was still having the problem. What I've come up with is this. I'm using a SPE silicone case with plastic belt clip which has the phone screen-in. I think when my phone isn't ringing that one of the buttons is being pushed initially (while in the case) and as soon as it recognizes there's an incoming call the button being pushed silences the phone.

    So a very simple answer to a very annoying problem. The bright side is that my phone is fine. The dark side is I can't see how to stop it from doing it.

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