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    Here's a question for you.

    I use my personal cell phone for work. If you call my office phone in addition to ringing on my desk it also rings on my Treo, also if you call my work cell phone it forwards to my Treo. It's not a problem with minutes but the problem is when I want to call a business contact they see my personal cell phone number. I know I can dial *67 plus the number to block my caller ID but that prevents me from dialing from my contacts unless I add *67 to all the numbers in by business category contacts. Is there a program out there that would insert digits based on contacts category?

    Any other solutions to this?
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    I do not know of such a program.

    If your personal contacts are much less than your business contacts, you could have your carrier make ALL your calls private, then you can add *82 in front of those contacts who you want to see your number.
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    Bummer, I guess there currently isn't an option. I wish I knew how to program for the Palm OS so I could create an application that did that.

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