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    My "A" key likes to be pressed twice before it actually reacts and works! - This really pisses me off - lets see if sprint will exchange it
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    Regarding the crooked screen, it's not that the screen is crooked, but it's the built-in screen protector that is crooked because it has borders.
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    1st Centro - could hardly hear the internal phone
    2nd Centro - volume off switch didn't work
    3rd Centro - aahh. So far so good.

    Low quality assurance? I'm sure of it. This is, after all, a Treo in miniature. But coming off of a dozen Treos over the last 5 years, I still consider the Centro the ultimate evolution of the Treo. It has proven more reliable, with far fewer lockups and resets. Definitely not perfect, but better.

    I hate that 100% of the units don't come off the assembly line without hardware glitches. And I hate that I and the guy who started this post had bad luck getting a good, working Centro. He went back to the 755p, and if there was any Treo to go back to, that would be the one.

    If you ever feel brave/patient enough to give the Centro another shot, may the Force be with you! In my obsessiveness, I went back twice, and would go back 10 more times before giving up. Sometimes pickiness pays.


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    I just traded in my 680 (which was awful) to a Centro... Thus far "NO" regrets... Miss my "SD" and the 12GB is $169?
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    and I just went from a 700P that was rock solid to a Centro and loving it. I am using the extended battery and it lasted well today with 2 hours of HanDBase, an hour of DTG/Excell and ChatterEmail. I really would like a skin though.

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    The GSM ones don't seem to have any problems.. Different manufacturer?
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    I think that the recent shipments have been a lot better with the defects. Maybe they are getting things under control.
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