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    I had a pre 1.10 MR and never had problems sending multimedia messages but I noticed after the 1.10 update I get a lot of failed attempts. The error message is either a "message failed. A communication error has occurred." or "Your message was not successfully sent. National Network Coverage not Available. {1XNotAvailable]. Please correct this error and try again." Verizon does not know what is causing it but I suspect it has something to do with the 1.10 update. I can send the same picture using email from the same spot where the MMS fails so I know I have a good connection.

    I have 2 new phones from Verizon due to this issue and both have the same problem. They are new (not refurbished) and have the re-released 1.10 update. Anyone notice the same issue?

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    I think it's your network. I had a similar situation with Sprint last year. Could not send picture mail at all, but could easily log on to Opera mini and had full access to emails. This went on for 6 weeks or so, and others had it sporadically according to the posts. I don't exactly understand why the "network" can handle emails and specific browsers (I couldn't get on easily with Blazer but could easily with Opera mini) but someone had an explanation for it that I don't remember.
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    700P Verizon Data Connection Problems since the new "Treo700p_-1.10-VZW". This is what I have found with playing. All can be repeated.

    1) If I turn off phone radio then turn back on I can browse the web all day long, I can send MMS messages, I can check my email, etc. All relating to the "data" portion of the Verizon service. No Problems. But.........

    2) As soon as I make a call (use the "voice" portion of the Verizon service) and then try to do one of the following above mentioned I get all kinds of ERRORs depending on the specific program I'm in/trying to use. No matter what.... error, error, error, bla, bla.

    3) I can turn the phone radio of then back on and all works fine "data" wise until I make another call.

    4) Note, you don't have to do a soft reset or take the battery out to get it to begin working again, just turn the phone radio off then back on.


    Some other tid bits of info....

    1) It appears to not matter what city I am in. The problem is the same as discribed above. Confirmed cities are: Atlanta-GA, Savannah-GA, Memphis-TN, Columbia-SC, Bristal-TN.

    2) It appears to ALWAYS happen on the "EDVO" network as the "EV" is always showing on the phone screen. Have not been able to try in an area with out the EV, aka the 1x area.

    This PROBLEM of course is a MAJOR pain in the rear. I have called Verizon tech support about the problem multiple times. Eash time they said they had no "record" of me calling about the problem documented in their computer (up until the new phone was sent out, explained later). Somebody is not updating the customer issues as they are called in. The first tech said it was my software causing the problem and to do a hard reset and don't load the problem software back on (even though I already told him I did all that). The next tech said it was a currpted "network" file and to do the hard reset and reinstall and all would be fine (even though I already told him I did all that) and said to trust him, do it again, he see this all the time. The next tech said the phone was bad and Verizon FedEx'd me a new phone (the next day - which was nice service). The new phone did the samething right out of the box as described above. The last tech said they need to "re-provisioned" my phone and said that would fix the problem. So she did something on her end then told me to "program my phone" doing the *228, option 1. All to no avail. Still does it. No correction to the problem.
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    I have yet to send a successful mms on verizon since I got the 700p, I think its verizon, but who knows, I never pursued it, because I don't really have use for it...I have VZW 1.06
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