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    Since the time change I have been getting some txt messages in with the correct timestamp applied, and some are coming and getting timestamps placed that are for the old time (+1 hour from current). I have reset the phone. Anyone else seeing this, and is the timestamp in the Palm SMS application applied by the SMS application when it receives the message, or is it part of the SMS message and it just displays the timestamp imprinted in the message?
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    What you described is normal, for any Treo! :-(
    No need to reset again the phone... nothing will ever change!!

    Explaining why its happens, requires a long post... and now is almost midnight in Rome, so if you really like to know that I will explain you the true reason (with some examples) tomorrow.

    Are you running on a Palm Centro?
    If yes... please... PLEASE... contact me immediately by email.
    Look for my email address on the Treodesktop website.
    I urgently need your help, to improve the compatibility for this new device.
    And, of course, I've a gift for you. :-)

    Bruno Naglieri - Rome (Italy)
    Treodesktop developer

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