Hey guys. I came across something very odd. I tried to add "Ben's Birthday!" for Nov 4 with a yearly re-occurrence, which falls on a Sunday. After I do a hotsync with outlook 07, it does not show up on my treo.

However, If it get rid of the appostrophe, it works fine "Bens Birthday!". WTF is going on?

I tried putting both items of this on a Saturday (with and w/o the apostrophe and yearly occurrences) and it works fine with both of them showing up on my Treo. I then tried it for the previous Sunday which is Oct 28, 2007 and the same thing happened.

Is there a bug with an apostrophe use for Sundays? Thanks I am bewildered

I've tried different variations to isolate the bug but it is only for the items i have in quotes above