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    Hi Guys, I'm a longtime Treo user and this is my first post. I just got a Centro last week. It's incredible, a million times better than my 650. I just got my Motorola H700 in the mail today, I was easily able to pair it with my Centro, but when it comes to actually using it, it does not seem to communicate with the phone. Typically, on my treo with a hs850, whenever I opened the mic, it would turn on the phone. Pressing the button on the headset should initiate redial. But on my centro, I get nothing. I paired the h700 to my wife's Katana and it worked fine. I also have a Motorola ht850 paired to the centro, and that one works great. I noticed other people in these forums have the h700 working on their centros. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advanced for any help you can give me.
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    I would remove the h700 from the Centro, and do a soft reset. Once the Centro powers up, just pair the 2 again. This would be a basic troubleshooting solution.

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    Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, I tried that last night, and it didn't make a difference. Any other ideas?

    Thank you
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    I can't speak for your moto headseat as I don't have one, but when I turn on my jabra it sometimes doesn't turn on the phone, but instantly connects when someone calls. I don't know if that helps or even makes sense. ;-)
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    My Centro and H700 paired up perfectly and communicate perfectly as well. They worked correctly from the get go
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    I'm not sure exactly what I did to get it to work, but my H700 finally works with my Centro. I was getting desprate, so I started pressing different button combonations. The one the seemed to do something was interesting. I pressed and held both volume buttons and the phone button at the same time. Then the LED turned light green. Next I opened the boom. At this point I did not know what I did to it, so I looked through the manual. It did not say anything about the color light I got. I next proceded to pair the two, everything worked like it should, but instead of getting a blinking blue light, I got a blinking green light. I pressed the phone button, then opened and closed the boom. The phone did not respond to anything (i.e. the bluetooth icon did not change). Next, I decided to call viocemail to see if anything will happen. I was surprised to see that the phone connected to the BT and was asking for the passkey. After entering the passkey, it worked! And it works great. it responds very fast to my phone, and it sounds clear, and everyone I talked to tells me it sounds like I'm using the handset. So, I am very happy now.

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