Hi all,

A while back, we had announced the beta release of our multimedia streaming server "TabiStream" and the streaming media player "TabiPlay". The server and a demo version of TabiPlay are now freely available for download at http://www.tabitek.com/downloads.html

Here is a list of some of the available features of TabiPlay:

  • Plays streaming media from your home PC (including webcam, TV card) or internet using TabiStream as the streaming server.

  • The streams are dynamically transcoded on your computer for best performance and quality.

  • You can also configure the streaming parameters (e.g., bitrate) for your choice.

  • TabiStream can stream content encoded in variety of codecs including H264, WMV, WMA, Mpeg4, Mp3, etc.

  • Streams content from favorite video sharing web sites (e.g., youtube).

  • Local recording to memory card or remote recording on your home PC (only available in full version).

  • Multiple channel lineups (only available in full version).

  • Support for remote file browsing on your computer (only available in full version).

  • Configurable controls.

  • Visualizations.

  • Background playback.

We also recommend you to check out the quick start guides for TabiStream and TabiPlay available at http://www.tabitek.com/downloads.html

Also, the beta testing is still in progress, so if you are interested in beta testing the full version of TabiPlay, please contact us at http://www.tabitek.com/beta.html

You can obtain your registration key required for beta testing from TabiPlay Demo "About" menu.

Any comments and suggestions are more than welcome.

Best Regards,